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Full text of "Government Gazette Of Uttar Pradesh"

UTTAPv PRADESH fSAZBTTE, M U!  r, 1056                                [PART VIII

Fir.r Iive-l\ ir J^-I n-:e ll-.G-J'   .J.Y.L and ,«••!-•       :jl.   Payment  or  Wages   (Procedures)   Rules,  1937.

I     Coiir.-ea  01   Tt-JMn^  nt   O*il  A'.jai'on   Tni'iniu:   Price rum as 3 'ff. 1>.
s'-ntru. Al'aliubad.    ljnco ri-ius 5 {'7. 1 M Oj.                    -32     Indian Electricity Kules     Price Re.1-6 (as2i,

•2.    <on.4Jiu'iu-j ui'Ljrlisi v,MUrom"jUuii slJp^ iii'iili'i.M     33.    Audit Ma aual     Pnce Re.1-4 (as.6).
-ip to l&t September. Iltfl.    Pncu Jte.l-lu (fl:-.Pi.               3=1     WJ'ilo Paper on  Jauimn  and  Kashmir    Pntr

:).    ConMiiution  i-t  India   in  UiiuL.    Pnu-  lii-.l-1 '   nunas S ias.2).
jm.tfi.                                                                                     jj.    Et-'onumiL    Development  with    Stability.    Pncu

4.    Aui't Code, Fiiai EdinuL   incurporJ tiny   nTr. •.- £s -J-8 (fls.3)
Linn slip*. DOS. 1 to 25.    Price Ec.1-4 u<.4».                       36     Import Tr.ule  Cuntiol Polncy for the hcetiMii^

0.    Indian Penal Cucle as • ML-dit^d np u 1*1 AI.UL-II, period January— June, 195J.    Price Es.2-8 (asA).
Il(.jl.    Puce P^.2-:-   'tfi'.Tj.                                                  &7.    Award    :>u    ^he   Induttml    Disputes    between

fi.    Autii-iit Iialiii   Bulletin 110.  1  of  the  Aicii.i.i-lj- Ceulial    Banking    Companies     and    their    workmen.
fi-L'til Survey of India.    Price  R&.2   '.tw.fil                       Puce Re.l-G  (<w.4).

7.    C'i vi 1 Service  fClossifiuiitiun,  Control ami  Appeul      38.    Proginmmea of Industrial Development l'.)51-VJ.^
HuleFJ. corrected up to 1st October, 1%1.    Price annns (i Puce Es.4-8 (fls.12).
'(i.lj.                                                                                    NOTE— The lunounts in paientheaeh aie Joi  packing and poalane.

tf.    Information fur rhe jjtudenta desiring to imjct'-n  — — —                                        T B frtn t TI, nr

Overseas   for the   Advanced Studies,   194748.     Pnr--       jri!l- O^I/iN !  SA'ibK-M  Lllfi-KAlUSlt

uunas ?, (a. 1 ps. &).                                                                                                -

9.    Factories Act no. LXIII of 19^3, as modified up t-,                                The Princess of Wales

lit April, 19-51.    Price annas 4 M. 1 pi. 6).                             ^fi111* A^kV ATI RM A VAN A     i PYT

10    First Keport of the National Income Guiurmtrci-          CS^li^n^ f A 1 1 JJIin 1 All/l    A liA 1

\pril, aflol.    Price Re.1-6 (as. 2 ps. 6).                                                               EDITED DV

11.    Criminal   Procedure  Code as    Ljudinrd  up    m            DP.   MAN GAL  DEVA  SHASTRI,   M.A.
June J, 1951.   Price Ea.2-S (as.7).                                                               D.Phil.   (Oxon ),

12.    Indian Boilers Act as modified    up    to   No vein-                Principal, GoYewmient Sanskrit CollegB, Bananas
I.PP 1. 19-19, Price annas 7 (<zs.3).                                                                            -

13.    Co-operative   Societies   Act as modified   up  lo   i*«- 1 '° c^ fl"J '3 '*^ by JJ-M- «   Lll'Pl™tn Ka™a'< M'A>

•lllly 1, lH5d.     Pnce annas 4= (fl.l).                                                           (rnjurca m imicnilieset indicate postagn

14.     Payment of "Wa^es Act as modified Up  to ^Jav I."'        U) Tlw Kiranavali Bhaskaia     (Vaiahehhika),     a     CommontaiT un
IQKI      T3«"                     i   i « 1 1                                            "           Udavana's Kiranavali, Dravya aoLtmu, by Pttdmanabhii Miara.   Edited
JH51.     I rice annas 4  'fl.l*.                                                     Wllb' jntroduction, aud Index,  by  Gopinath  Kaviraj,   M.A.   (Beduced

15-    The Poison Act as modified up to May 1, 1919   ],uLe AS. 14) ii«w).

Price  annas   2,   packing   and   postage   Itf  .1).                         '?) ?he AJvaitfl Cluiitamam (Vedanta), by Eungo]! Bhatta, EditeJ

TT    n    r4 ^     j   e     . u    ".       °     T   T       ,     p  (•,,„,. Rilh  Introduction,   etc., by Narayana  Shasta  Khiale   aahityacharya.

1.    IT. P. Zamin.dan   Abortion and Land   Jhetoiiiib ,11,,,^,^^ ,,1JLe As. 34; \5ati)

' \ntelirlmentj  Act no.  XVI  of 1933 in English.    Price      (3) The    Raaasa'ra      (Vaisheahikaj,    Commentary    on    Udayana'b
,.         ,j   i_ i   _„ fl\                                                                      h 11 ,ma\ all, (jiina bectiuii, by Bhatta Vadmdia.    Edited -with Introdnc-

ima> ~   \.u.L P*-°>-                                                                     Lon, etc., by Gopinath Kaviiaj, M i   (Reduced price As.9)  (Saj.J

•J.     L , P. Cinematograph Pillles. lllol, made under t!ic     part II._ The Uhavana Viveka (Mimanaa), by Mandana Miata, with •
( niOUiatd-'l-apll Act    1918  in   English.     Pnc-C   anilUP  I-"? 1 Cuiunienlarv by Bhatla Umbeka.    Edited with Introduction, etc., by
,,,n\                                                                                            ALiliiimaliopailhyayii Gan^anatha Jha, M.A., D.  LHT.     (Eeduced prioe

"/lv-^/-                                                                                           AsG)   (2o«.).

1C.     The     Indian     Evidence    Act-    modified     up    lit      (4) Part L— .Togmihridayadipika  (Tantra),  by Amritananda Natha,

August 1  1952.   Pnce anna, 6 (« a.                      JS!,;  tS™*!? "Sn^STSa,.' C. "'(JaTa^S

17.    Woikmen    Compensation Act    modified    up tn AS. 1-2) (3as   6p«.).

!Mav 1, 1952,     Price annas 6 'a. 1 ps. 6)                                (5) 'riie Kavyadakim (Alaukara), by Gangananda Kavindl'a.   Edited

18.     Industrial    DUpula  (Appellale    Tribunal.    .U ^-^^ ^ ^ ,j^«^ ^* Hbd*, fcWw-
..". XLVIII of 1950.    Price Sinnas 4 (fl.l).                             W) Part I.— The Bhakti Chandiika (Bhakti Shaatra), a Commentary

19      Indian   LimilallOU    -Vet   HO    IX   ol'   1905,   modi-   DU   S.mcUlya's   Ehaktigutras,   by   Narayana   Putha    Edited   with   a

lied up to Fehiuair 1, 1952:   Price annas 6 (a. 1 p,. P... J^JJ/*6' by Goplnath Eavliai' M'A'   (Ecduced price Aa'7-C)
20.    Lind  Acquii-ition  Act  no.  I 01' 1S98 as modi-    r-»i 11    ineduued piice As   12 )   (5as.).

i;Pd lip to April 1. 1952.     Price annas 6  (fl.l).                    irff/^Jr^   ,8iddlV|nl*   Eatn?' ^    Baladeva    Vidyabhuaan

IT      T   j-         -1-14.     •          i   i     TX-     £     inir,      -n         Doited with Intioduction, by Gopmath Zuviraj,  MA.    (Heduceil pnca

•21.    Indian    Llec-tncity    Act    IX  of    1910.    PJ-IL-Q ABQI (Zas).

uliliag 12 (as, 3).                  '                                                           Pailt H.    (Eeduced  plica  Ee.1-6)   (4as.).

00      ^•,jr-a      J»    3'PFiT PI-ICP E«» 3 2 fflJ 7)                       -f8' ^LL'  U«npnadipa   lAlnnkara),   by   Prabhakara   Bhatta.   Edited

-..      «!   iTH      ^«     ^fl^ai Jr-HCe ±iS^ IQJ.a                    Wlth Introauctlolli etc    b    Narayana Shasta KhiatB   Sahityacharya.

•23.    Cinematograph Act no. XXXVII of 1952, modi- (Reduced puce As 0) (5as.).                                          y

fi.^d up 10 September 1. 1953.    Price annas 2 (fl.l).          . 0) The Siddna&iadllaJlta g^.^ ^thism of Gorakhanatha Sect),

24.    Motor Vehicles Act TV of 1939, modified up to fLS^A^a'T   Illtl0ductl°n by Gopinath Kaviraj' M'A"

November 1. 1952.     Price PiC. 1-10 (as. 3 pS.Gl.                        (1M The Tnvemka  (Alankara), by Asadrara  Bhatta.    Edited with

25.     Minimum  Wages  Act  modified  Up  to  March   1,  S'r°iUC*i011 > Batukanalha   Shaima   Bahityopadhyaya,      M.A.,   and
1952.    Price annaB 4 Ffl.l).                                                       &T                                  g Sahityopadhyaya.    (Eeduced price  A..7J

26.     Opium    Act    no.   I    of    1378    modified    op    to  V{^,T^J- .n and HI -The Tvipura Eahasya  (Jna^ia Efaanda).

August 1, 1951.   Price annas 3 (o.l).                               5« «S)    Pm     ^^ *'*' Par* m<   (Beduced pricB Eel)

27.    Pi^e-Tear   Tlan   Progress   Pveport for rhe years    1SalTha "Ika^h? SSkanO? by "^hah-aniiva   Bhattach,-irya.

1 1)51-52 and 1952-53.    Price Ee.1-4 (flS.4).                         Edited with Introduction, etc., by Batukanatha Sharma, M.A , Sahityo-

28.    Report of the Dearo-ess  Allowance  Committee. S^j^ftimiltta Shaatri Homing Sahityopadhyaya.   (induced

Price annas 7  (05,2).                                                                    aS) The  Nyay'a   EaUka   CNyaya),   Bhatte   Jayanta.   Edited   with

29.    Report on the Efficient Conduct of Plates Inter- Sffl^fc? A^TsS'^^ ******* **• M'A- D'^
price 1953.    Price annas 10 (OS. 2).                                     M Part I._The Yoraksa Sidhanta Sangraha CNathiem of Gorakhi-

*i    Minimiun Wages Central Rule., 1950.   Price <£Su^

aims* 10 (eUV                                                                            (15) Part I.~The   Prakritra   PrakaBha   by   Vararuchi   with   the

Irak-Ufa 8an|ivani, by Bnsanta Eaja    and igubodhim by Sadanund